New Jersey Promotes Recycling of Electronic Waste

electronic wasteThe Department of Environmental Protection at New Jersey has decided to promote the recycling of electronic products among the residents of the state. During the holiday season, people like to exchange electronics among their friends and family as gifts. Keeping this trend in mind, the department has decided to take up this initiative. The department is urging the residents to recycle their old electronics instead of disposing them in landfills or junkyards.

The initiative taken by the department

The Commissioner of the department, Bob Martin stated that their representatives are making sure that there are multiple outlets within the city, where the residents can drop off their e-waste. The residents only need to make efforts to take their old electronics to the designated outlet so these goods they can be converted into eco friendly promotional items. Most of the recycling centers are situated at the municipality offices or at the other county offices for their convenience.

An act to encourage use of eco friendly promotional items and recycling

Earlier in 2011, a law named Electronic Waste Management Act was enforced in New Jersey. Since the implementation of this act, many efforts have been made to try and reduce the e-waste within the state. Due to the act, towards the end of 2012, approximately 62 million pounds of electronic waste was recycled within the state. Therefore, a substantial quantity of electronics was transferred from the landfills to the recycling units.

The recycling initiative in New Jersey has been taken in continuation of this act. According to the law, residents can recycle their old portable computers, televisions, and laptops free of cost. The recycling of these materials is funded by the manufacturers of these particular devices. However, other electronics such as mobiles, game consoles, CD players, and DVD players need to be recycled by the owners on their own. So residents can drop off these electronics at the retailers’ offices, or at the recycling centers around the city to ensure that these devices are recycled and not dumped into landfills.

The harmful effects of discarding electronics

When electronics are disposed into the landfills, they not only occupy a lot of space, but also pollute the area. Electronics contain poisonous substances such as zinc, mercury, lead, and cadmium. When buried under the ground, these hazardous substances seep into the soil and pollute it. Therefore, the residents need to participate in initiatives that would accelerate the recycling of electronics within the state. According to the Assistant Commissioner at the Department of Environmental Protection, Jane Kozinski, the department is trying hard to solve the problem of waste disposal within the state, and they only want the residents to support them in all their causes.


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