New Manufacturing Facility Launched at Earth Friendly Products

Green earth Recently celebrities and government officials in Florida received a “green carpet” reception at the headquarters of Earth Friendly Products, a company selling environment friendly products. The VIPs came from different parts of the world to celebrate the opening of the environment friendly manufacturing facility.

The company is a reputed manufacturer of eco friendly products like laundry detergents, made solely from organic ingredients. Many celebrities and state officials like Jenna Elfman, Gus Bilirakis, Jean Monestime, Gigi Lee Chang, Myra Taylor, and Diana Rodriguez congratulated the Earth Friendly Products team for the success of their business initiative.

Earth Friendly Products: Committed to the environment

Earth Friendly Products displayed their commitment toward the society by making a generous contribution to the Miami Children’s Hospital fund. The company appreciated the fact that the hospital delivered superb medical care to children.

The manufacturing facility at Earth Friendly Products is designed by an architect with a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. The facility has been fitted with solar panels that generate renewable power. It also has solar tubes, occupancy sensors, and energy and water efficient appliances that make the facility a hallmark for environmental needs in all of South Florida.

The design is the consequence of a sensitive approach to build a facility that is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible. The designing team said that they were proud to be a part of this endeavor as they shared the environmentsensitive vision of Earth Friendly Products. As a consequence of which, the design team placed excellence above everything else.

Plants that produce eco friendly promotional items

Earth Friendly Products has five manufacturing plants in operation, each of which are located at strategic positions in the country to minimize the carbon footprint. Latest technical advancements are incorporated in all the plants.

John Vlahakis, the President of Earth Friendly Products, stated that the company was a part of manufacturing renaissance of America. He also said that a country has to be selfsustained in terms of producing its own products and protecting its citizens.

Extensive research on products before development is a requisite exercise made by the Earth Friendly Products. The eco friendly promotional items produced by this company already have a large market in America. The officials of the company state that they are committed to develop products that are harmless for people and animals, so that people can trust and depend upon them.


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