New Plastic Bag Policy in Corvallis

plastic bagCorvallis’ new policy on plastic bags will be effective from January 1, 2013. The city ordinance on this issue prohibits the use of single-use plastic bags. It will also charge a minimum of 5 cents on all the paper bags given to the customers during a sale. The City Council actually passed this ordinance some time back in July 2012. The ordinance will take effect in two different stages. The first stage is for huge companies having over fifty employees. The policy will come into effect on July 1 for companies with less than 50 employees.

Implementation of the policy

Policies on plastic bag ban have become a popular trend in Seattle, Bellingham, Portland, and Washington. Since most of the other cities have implemented such a policy, some of the major firms with Northwest ties, like Fred Meyer and Safeway, have already dealt with it. Fred Meyer’s Director of Public Affairs in Portland, Melinda Merrill said that the entire process is very simple and the company should just be very sure while moving plastic bags to different stores. The team has also made sure that there are sufficient reusables.

Wholesale reusable bags in Corvallis

The plastic bag policy going to be followed in Corvallis is quite simple. According to this policy, plastic bags will not be given at the store’s checkout counter. Also, the customer will have to pay for every paper bag they use. Customers, getting their own cloth or reusable bags would not be charged. The plastic bags, which are over 2.25 mils thick, can be used and will not be affected by Corvallis’ new policy. But to ensure that retailers and customers follow the policy without facing any problem, wholesale reusable bags are being manufactured in Corvallis.

Plastic bags for meat and bulk items

When it comes to meat and bulk items, plastic bags can be used. The same applies even for restaurant takeaways and pharmacies. It is only the grocery stores that will be affected due to the new policy. Scott Dybvad, a specialist in sustainability program, said that the city is promoting renewables and is not marketing single-use products. He also said that the new plastic bag policy is making all the hidden costs easily visible and that is a drastic switch. People, who violate this policy, will be fined $200. However, Dybvad said that education is the prime focus of the policy and not punishment. Punishment will be enforced only after a complaint, he added.


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