New Yellow Recycling Carts in Whiteville

Recycling CartsThe latest recycling program in Whiteville, which involves yellow recycling carts, promises to be highly successful because of increased participation. The curbside collection is set to begin in February 2013. The new recycling program is much easier to operate since all the recyclables can be put in the same container. The new recycling machines allow commingling of materials as well.

The new recycling system in Whiteville 

The new program on recycling in Whiteville was initiated in response to the proposal given by Councilman Tim Blackmon and others, which was approved by the city council. The city’s contract hauler, Waste Management, had earlier promised to make recycling available, under the solid waste agreement. Once the proposal was approved, the council swung into action. According to the approved proposal, curbside collection with the help of 96 gallon carts will take place every other Wednesday. The “green” week and “gold” week schedules are designed for residents living east and west of Madison and Pinckney respectively.

While gold week is slated to begin from February 6, the green week begins from February 13. Since all acceptable recyclables can be deposited in the same container, it is expected that the program will attract successful participation. Earlier, sorting recyclables used to be a major issue in such recycling programs. This is no longer a stumbling block.

The new recycling system encouraging eco friendly promotional items

With technological breakthroughs, the new recycling system promotes and encourages eco friendly promotional items. In other words, most of the materials like plastics of common varieties (type 1-7), stamped plastic bottles and containers, newspapers, magazines, office papers, flattened boxes, junk mail, telephone books, jars and metallic cans, brown paper bags, pie pans, and clean foil can be recycled under this system to make way for the production of eco friendly items. However, some of the items like foam cups and plates, food waste, plate glass, window panes, ceramics, and films are not acceptable as recyclable materials.

The program is highly cost-effective with just $7 additional utility bill each month. The current program, however, will not affect trash or yard waste pickup. Since the new system allows commingling of materials, it is expected to be a convenient and efficient method of recycling waste materials. The commercial pickup had in the past encountered sorting out recyclables, a major stumbling block in recycling efforts.

Benefits of a single-stream recycling system

The single-stream system makes it possible for the businesses and households to recycle multiple kinds of recycling materials in the same container. This system saves time and space as well. You do not need to go to the facilities to dispose your waste materials, rather the facility approaches you. It is more environment-friendly. 



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