Does Organic Cotton Really Make a Difference?

Cloth Shopping BagsWhether you realize it or not, cotton and cotton byproducts are key components in a wide variety of the things we use every day, including clothing, bedding, snack foods, cosmetic products and many more. Of all the cotton grown for commercial use, there are two types, conventional and organic.

The differences between the two types of cotton are worlds apart as far as environmental impact. From seed to growing to harvesting and on to the final product, conventional cotton crops are dangerous to not only the environment, but to animals and people as well.

In the U.S. alone, about 7 billion pounds of cotton are harvested each year. Cotton is considered a “dirty” crop because conventional cotton-growing methods use insecticides, the most hazardous form of pesticide. The crop covers 2.5% of the globes cultivated land and uses 16% of the plants insecticides, that’s more than any other major crop. It is estimated that to make one t-shirt, about 1/3 of a pound of harmful chemicals are used. These pesticides are generally sprayed aerially and are responsible for contaminating the air we breath, as well as the ground and surrounding water supply.

Organic cotton is the eco-friendly choice for consumers, especially when it comes to reusable shopping bags. Organic cotton growers use natural methods from start to finish, making it an environmentally responsible choice. They never use GMO (genetically modified organism) seeds for their crops, weeds are controlled by hand, crop rotation is used to keep the soil nutrient rich and to prevent erosion. While these methods make organic cotton a more expensive way to grow, it is the healthier option for the planet and for those who inhabit it.

Currently, organic cotton is making an impact on the textiles industry, with many manufacturers choosing organic over conventional products. Many say that organic cotton feels better to the wearer. Opting to purchase organic cotton products is not only the environmentally-savvy choice but it is also the best way to ensure their continued rise in popularity in the marketplace.

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