Paper Waste is Now Being Turned Into Cellulose Insulation by A Ohio Company

Recycling PaperBucyrus, an Ohio based company is currently turning paper waste into cellulose insulation, which is considered to be eco-friendly. Almost 4-6 truckloads of paper that is wasted every day is taken by Advanced Fiber Technology and turned into earth-friendly insulation at the plant. The truckloads mostly include newspapers and other biodegradable stationery materials.

Run and owned by Doug Leuthold, the manufacturing company was started by him in 2001 after he ended his career stint with an engineering firm. The company makes about $10 million annual sales with its main product, which is cellulose insulation. Almost two-thirds of the company’s sales are this product.

Cellulose insulation

Series of machines grind the waste papers that run throw them. After the paper is ground, dry chemicals are added to it, which results in fuzzy lint-like material. The resultant product looks a lot like what you get from your dryer. Other products of the company include wood fibers that are used while coating roofs and also added while coating pavements.

Cellulose insulation is considered to be an eco-friendly promotional item as it is made from waste paper and is almost light-grayish in color. When a visitor goes to the plant to check-out the entire process, he will be amazed to see the amount of waste that the country is producing. Right from huge piles of newspapers to stacked pizza boxes, the room houses almost ten feet high piles of waste paper products.

Cellulose insulation is another eco-friendly promotional item

Depending on what paper waste is sent to the recycler by the consumers, the paper wastes are divided into piles by the company and added to the cellulose insulation-making machines. One way these Ohio waste-paper companies are getting rid of all the waste is by selling it all to Advanced Fiber Technology.

Even though the waste is mainly paper-based, sometimes unwanted items also make it to the company storerooms. Once employees found a dead skunk amongst the waste paper piles, and another time it was a loaded handgun. The process is quite lengthy and employees usually rotate to different tasks, once every few hours.

Almost 51000 square feet is what the entire plant occupies. Rotation of the work ensures that each employee does equal amounts of physically demanding works, such as stacking the materials. Since the product is eco-friendly, the company is highlighted in the insulation market for leaving a low carbon footprint while producing the product.


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