Pesticide Chemical Troubles Canada’s Citizens and Environmental Groups

Eco-friendly TanksEcojustice and Equiterre, two of Canada’s major environmental groups, have directed questions at the federal government about the pesticide chemicals used in Canada. These groups are requesting the government to review the utilization of 30 pesticides that have already been banned in other countries. These chemicals are present in over 700 certified domestic and agricultural pesticides. If the request is approved, the Health Minister will have a special review conducted on the use of these chemicals. This review request has been filed under the Pest Control Act section 17.

Many environmental groups in Canada support this request and are calling for the ban of these chemicals in Canada as several countries have already banned these pesticide chemicals due to their harmful effects. Some of the chemicals are potentially carcinogenic and can cause a variety of health issues. One of the chemicals in question, Linuron, can cause deformities in male reproductive organs. Another chemical, Triluralin, is toxic to fish and can travel long distances through the air, causing significant danger to human health.

Canadian provinces implement cosmetic pesticide ban

Cosmetic pesticide, used to beautify lawns and gardens, pose a massive threat to human health and the environment. Another environmental group, The Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment recently led a successful campaign against such pesticides. With the help of this campaign, six Canadian provinces and 160 municipalities have already implemented a ban on cosmetic pesticides.

This ban on cosmetic pesticides has been implemented in Alberta, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. Manitoba also plans on banning cosmetic pesticides. Online petitions have been signed by over a thousand people requesting the government to impose the ban.

Pesticide-free university introduces eco friendly promotional items

In an attempt to promote the anti-pesticide campaign, the University of Winnipeg has declared a ban on pesticide within its campus. It is the first campus in Manitoba to declare a pesticide-free zone. The University recently introduced environmental-friendly detergents and eco friendly promotional items to be used around campus. The University of Winnipeg is also the first university in Canada to implement a ban on the sale of bottled water within its campus. This university has also installed a hybrid heating system to conserve energy.

Due to many initiatives taken by environmental groups, Canadian citizens are continuing to promote nation-wide bans on harmful pesticides. Eco-friendly pesticide products are being promoted by these groups to replace pesticides having harmful chemicals. Anti-pesticide campaigns are also being nationalized. Many Canadian citizens who are hoping for a country-wide ban on these harmful pesticide chemicals are waiting for the special review.


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