Plastic Bag Ban May Encourage Use of Bamboo Grocery Bags in Cupertino

Bamboo Grocery BagsThe Cupertino City Council meeting saw vigorous debate about the impending ban on the use of single-use plastic bags within the city. The council meeting was held on the 9th of January to discuss the matter at hand. Members of the community got the opportunity to listen to and participate in the public meeting, and they voiced their opinion actively.

Effects of the Ban

The meeting saw the members of the community speaking both for and against the ban. While some agreed with the ordinance that bans the free distribution of single-use plastic bags at stores, others argued that the ban may have adverse effects.

If the ordinance is passed, the ban will become effective from the 1st of October 2013 and approximately 275 retailers within Cupertino will then charge 10 cents per reusable bag. Recycled or reusable bags like bamboo grocery bags and cloth bags may replace the large-scale use of plastic bags in the area.

Bamboo grocery bags could be the alternative

The ordinance encourages the residents to bring their own reusable bags for shopping. Some community members support this move while others say that health risks can arise if people reuse their bags. Bamboo bags and canvas bags can become popular after the ban comes into effect.

As a member of the San Mateo County’s Environmental Impact Review, Cupertino city aims to implement this ban as a step towards reducing litter and restricting the entrance of garbage into waterways. Bamboo grocery bags are both reusable and recyclable. So, such bags could be a feasible alternative to single-use plastic bags.

Mountain View, San Jose, and Los Alto, are some of the cities that have already implemented plastic bag bans and this ban has affected Cupertino residents when they shop at retail stores in the outskirts of Cupertino city.

Exemptions to the Ban

Though the ban on single use plastic bags affects a majority of retailers in the city, some businesses and non-profit establishments are exempted from it. For instance, the store Bitter+Sweet will not have to comply with the ban as the business makes more than 90 percent of its profits from the sale of food products. The use of single-use plastic bags will also be allowed at dry cleaners, stores that process whole foods and meat, and at restaurants.

Due to the possible widespread impact of this ban, outreach programs have been prepared to help educate the community members and business owners about various aspects of the ban and how to deal with the change.


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