Plastic Bag Bans, Large Dwellings Law and Gun Club Analysis by Santa Cruz County

Plastic bagsRecently supervisors at the Board of Santa Cruz voted for a plastic ban. The ordinance extends across the country, and targets the usage of plastic by fast food joints and restaurants.

Gun club analysis and large dwelling law

In another case, the board tried to probe the issue of an outdoor shooting area that is known to have disrupted tranquility in the neighborhood. The board investigated the area for any environmental damages that may have been caused due to repeated shooting expeditions.

The issue of the shooting club is being reviewed by the county. The county is examining the area for problems ranging from depletion of ground water to contamination of soil. The board has urged the county to prepare a report by Nov 1, 2012.

A vote of 4- 1 was made at the board for lowering the sizes of homes. The ordinance for reducing dwelling size was sought by two supervisors: Mark Stone and Neal Coonerty after two sprawling hilltop bungalows were built by influential persons.

Plastic ban in Santa Cruz: Shoppers resort to wholesale reusable bags

Critics had threatened to file a lawsuit against the plastic ban in Santa Cruz. Board Supervisor, Mark Stone stated that it was time everyone agreed to a country wise ban against plastics in the larger interests of the nation.

The results of the vote was 4- 1. Shoppers who tend to forget bringing their own bags groaned against it, but the ban was nevertheless enforced in March 2012. Save Our Shores, an environmental group predicted a 75 percent decrease in plastic bags on beaches.

Richard Wieckowicz, a resident said that the ban was only likely to cause more environmental hazard by an increase in circulation of paper bags. Plastic bags ban will take effect in all restaurants of Santa Cruzon the Earth Day that is April 22, 2013. The ban will put an end to take-away bags and promote the use of wholesale reusable bags.

Save the Plastic Bag Coalition, a group fighting against the ban of plastics has put a hold on the plastic ban in restaurants. Stephen Joseph, a counsel of the Save the Plastic Bag Coalition confirmed that the group would sign a lawsuit against the ban and stop it from being enforced.

The group asserts that the hazards of plastic over the marine environment are unduly overstated. The same group had prevented the first plastic ban in the country from coming into force.


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