Plastic Bag Facts for Earth Day 2021

Earth Day 2021 is a good time to learn more about plastic bags and how they cost your business money. There are several ways for your business to make the switch, but you need to know why. The tips below better explain why banning plastic bags for your business is a smart thing to do while you still can.

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Plastic Bags Waste Money

Plastic bags waste money for your business. They cost a lot of money to purchase and use, and they will clog up the systems in your community. You must remember that the community, city, or town will need to raise taxes in order to pay for all the waste removal, clogging of sewers, and even issues with the water systems. This raises the overhead for your business, and you do not want to see that.

If the local council raises sales taxes, your customers might find a cheaper place to shop.

Reusable Bags Make the Change Simple

Reusable bags make the change simple because you can sell these bags to your customers, keep them interested in your business, and cut back on waste. This is a good selling point for your business, and it is a wonderful way for you to market your business. Moreover, you want your customers to remember to come back just because they have your reusable bags. You aren’t banning plastic bags so much as you are making a change and getting your customers involved.

At the same time, you can make a little money every time you sell a reusable bag.

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