Practice Sustainability in Grocery Stores

Sustainable grocery storeIf you have already started practicing sustainability by using wholesale reusable bags, you will probably save the use of twenty-one thousand plastic bags and covers in your lifetime. The point is that practicing sustainability isn’t all that hard and this can also be included in the food industry as well.

Whole of the United States of America is being introduced to a sustainable food movement as organic produce, farmer’s markets and cage-free eggs are popularly doing the rounds. All these have become part of an eco-friendly trend, which is not only good for our bodies but also for our planet.

While at the store, go for minimal packaged products

Buy products that come with minimal packaging such as unwrapped meat or produce, straight from the butcher or deli counter. Unsustainable materials are used in producing excessive packaging, which contributes to the waste in oceans and landfills. Polystyrene or Styrofoam is considered to be the worst packaging material as it is a suspected carcinogen and creates greenhouse gases and hazardous waste when it disintegrates.

While at the store, carry wholesale reusable bags

Each time you go shopping to a grocery store, ensure that you will carry along your own reusable bag. Even though it sounds like a small thing, it helps in making a huge difference to the planet. Since the country alone uses almost hundred billion plastic bags every year, is extremely necessary to bring down the pollution levels and depletion of oil resources it is causing.

You can also recycle these plastic bags as they aren’t biodegradable and tend to release polymer particles that are toxic, when the bags start to disintegrate. If not recycled, the plastic bags end up either in landfills or in the oceans, causing harm to marine life and seabirds. Disposable paper shopping bags are no less when it comes to the levels of pollution as apart from tress being cut down for them, energy resources are also wasted.

While at the store, don’t buy drinking water bottles

The amount of plastic being used to produce billions of disposable plastic water bottles every year, reaches almost millions of tons. You can lessen the waste produced and save a lot of money by investing in a quality reusable water bottle.

Shop different while at the store

When you go hopping, try to shop at stores that demonstrate concern and care for the planet in the foods they provide and in their company ethics.


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