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The city of Corvallis is planning to host an interesting design competition for all the local citizens. This follows the announcement of a single-bag use policy for all retail businesses and stores. According to this policy, shops and distributors will have to charge an extra amount of 5 cents for each single-use bag that they give to consumers. This rule will come into effect from 1st January, 2013 and the competition is part of an attempt by the council to promote re-usable bags over single-use bag among the citizens of Corvallis.

This competition is split up into three parts, namely, designing a re-usable bag with new material, designing a re-usable bag by incorporating recyclable material and designing a logo. The contest is meant for all local Corvallis residents and the winners of the contest will win a prize money of $200 for each of the bag pieces, and $90 for the logo design.

Re-usable bags – helping you save money

The city council has come up with this unique idea to promote the benefits of re-usable bags. These bags have many advantages, but they primarily help save money spent on manufacturing and producing single-use bags. These bags are most popularly used as promotional items; so buyers won’t have to spend money purchasing them. Even if customers have to purchase these bags, they are priced so low that it would barely affect their wallets.

Promotional re-usable bags come in various designs

Many people have a common misconception that since these re-usable bags are low in price they won’t be available in a lot of designs, but that is not true. As a matter of fact, these bags come in various shapes and sizes and are extremely fashionable to carry as well.

Safer than other bags

As these bags are made up of recyclable products, they are safer to use; especially around children. Children tend to chew on plastic bags that contain a lot of poisonous substances. Eco-friendly bags on the other hand are made up of cotton, mesh, or eco-friendly plastic. These materials can be used safely without fear of accidents such as inadvertent choking, and they don’t have any harmful effects on your health as well.

The city council of Corvallis feels that the people are not fully aware of all the benefits of using re-usable bags. So through this competition they aim to propagate the advantages of these bags so that people opt for a safer and a more eco-friendly option over single-use bags.


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