Purpose of the plastic bag tax

5997721_lJust 8 years ago, distributors of plastic bags bullied there way into making a bill that would eliminate the threat of cities and states placing a tax on plastic bags. Today, eight major U.S cities have imposed a tax on the plastic bags in order to start going green.No states have been able to enforce a tax throughout the entire state, but bills are being drawn up. The concept of having customers pay five cents to receive a one time use plastic bag might seem like a minor deal, but it is having a major impact. Washington D.C, the first city to implement the tax, shows plastic bag pollution has been cut down by 23% since 2012. In just over 2 years, they are seeing great changes. Besides from the pollution that is being lessened by the decrease in bags being used, more money is being generated for research on the environment itself.

The revenue produced from the tax is not the main concern of this idea. In fact, the less amount of money that is collected the better. This would indicate that the number of consumers are electing to either go bag-less or bring their own eco friendly bag shopping. The money that is being collected will be given back to the stores and a percentage will be used in funding city wide clean ups.

As more and more cities join the movement, the tax’s could get heftier. Eventually, states will push to totally eliminate the use of plastic bags. Buying a reusable eco friendly bag would not only save the environment but start saving you money at your local stores! Make the switch before its too late, go green.

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