That Really Gets My Goat: Innovative Landscaping Alternatives

There’s been a lot of reports surrounding Green Goats and Prosperity Acres Farm providing Maryland and Northern Virginia with an interesting alternative to potentially-harmful landscaping practices. The company will be using their goats in place of herbicides and machinery to clear overgrown land areas.

Using goats for landscaping is not a new concept, but with the rising interest in environmentally friendly solutions, it has been gaining in popularity. It’s better than the alternatives such as poisons, a hand pushed lawn mower or the carbon fueled variety. There’s even a fun and catchy name for this practice–goatscaping.

Goats can tackle many landscaping issues more efficiently than other land maintenance methods. The goats can navigate difficult terrain, where a lawn mower can’t go. They will safely consume, poison oak, ivy, sumac and other vegetation that can irritate a landscaper’s skin. There are other benefits to goatscaping. They generally don’t need permits and they are emission-free. Goats are efficient and can clear out an area leaving no debris behind, tilling the soil with their hooves and fertilizing the ground as they work.

A number of companies similar to Green Goats and Prosperity Acres Farm have taken root across the country and some have been around for decades. There are several areas of the country where consumers can rent goat herds for landscaping residential and commercial property. Some people have even opted to invest in their own goats.

The owner of Green Goats hopes that her company can help reduce the amount of herbicide used each year and cause a great deal less damage to the environment. Goatscaping is just one of the many ways consumers are choosing to go green and become more environmentally responsible. Recycling, re-purposing, composting and shopping with reusable grocery bags are simple daily choices in the fight against waste and harmful environmental practices. For more tips and information regarding environmentally-friendly practices and eco-friendly shopping bags, visit the Custom Grocery Bags website.

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