Reclaimed Pet Bags and Dispensers for Disposing Pet Waste

26424379_sThe Valparaiso city municipality has made an offer of free pet waste bag dispensers which can be collected from utilities office at Billings Street or from the city hall located in Lincoln-Way. These dispensers with biodegradable bags can be easily attached to a pet’s leash to be used when required and nearly 800 dispensers have been distributed till date.


This program has been initiated to ensure that owners pick up their pet’s waste in public places and dispose them in sealed plastic containers to avoid contamination of waterways in the area. Valparaiso city’s coordinator for separating municipal waste from city’s sewer system, Mingyan Zhou introduced this “Scoop the Poop” initiative to stop pets from littering city’s public areas.

When pet poop is left to rot on streets or parks they tend to contaminate waterways around the area as they are untreated the way human waste is treated before disposal. Instead of using regular plastic bags use reclaimed plastic bags as a glove and scoop up your pet’s waste and seal it after inverting the bag.

Since pet waste is as contaminating and harmful as human waste it cannot be used as fertilizer and compost and pet owners should not allow their pets to poop on their property too as it can contaminate their own water supply. With growing pollution of waterways due to waste from factories and homes it is the responsibility of every conscious citizen to reduce further damage.

Pet owners can do their bit by using this opportunity to get free dispensers for disposing their pet’s waste in a responsible manner. Keeping a pet at home is similar to having a toddler where one has to take care of their needs. “Scoop the Poop” is a program that is popular all over United States and attempts to make pet owners more responsible and healthy in the long run.

Since people do not make an effort unless issues are directly affecting their families, this program educates them about how poop waste affects waterways which has a direct impact on their health.


Pet bag dispensers can be directly fixed on to a pet’s leash so they are available when required to scoop up a pet’s waste. As a conscious citizen about environmental degradation pet owners should use reclaimed pet bags made out of biodegradable materials to seal the poop the dispose it off in bins assigned for such waste by municipality. Pet owners have a responsibility to keep their surroundings and waterways clean therefore should dispose of their pet’s waste in biodegradable sealed bags or reclaimed plastic bags. Always remember to put the waste in the appropriate trash bin so that it is disposed of properly.

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