ReCycle – A New Range of Eco-friendly Bikes

CycleWith the growing awareness on eco friendly promotional items, many companies are experimenting with their technologies to produce green products. ReCycle, a new range of eco-friendly bikes, is an example of this phenomenon. These bikes or bicycles are made using recycled aluminum and don’t have a conventional seat tube. At present, this bike is available in the US market for a prize of $5000, and is manufactured in LA, Los Angeles.

The eco-friendly attributes of the bike

ReCycle has been created using recycled aluminum which makes it eco-friendly in nature and is its most impressive feature as well. According to the manufacturer and designer of the bike, Bryce Edmonds, this vehicle has a basic fork structure. The bike is available in three models, and each of these models has a slight variation in its fork design. The structure of this bike is designed to make it maintenance-free. As a matter of fact, in two of the models of the bike, the grease chain is replaced with a belt that does not require any maintenance.

This bicycle has another interesting feature, that is, it does not have a seat tube. A seat tube is the portion of the bike between the cushioned seat and the bottom bracket. It is usually a straight line structure. According to Edmonds, a seat tube is an unnecessary feature extensively used in bikes. He feels that without them, the bicycle is more comfortable to use and cheaper to manufacture as well. Additionally, some of the ReCycle bike models have a NuVinci N360. This feature makes the bike easy to ride, as it makes the gear transmission simpler.

Making and using eco friendly promotional items

Statistically, almost 85 percent of this bike is made using recycled aluminum. In addition, the grips and saddles used in the bike are made using organic cork. Since this bike weighs between 17 and 25 pounds or between 7 to 12 kg, it should ideally be priced around $2500. So the additional funds that are collected through the sales of ReCycle are sent to Kickstarter, an initiative by Edmonds and his team. He has started this initiative to fund his future green projects. According to him, his entire team is dedicated toward creating products that support sustainable lifestyles. As a matter of fact, they also use ReCycle bikes themselves to try and reduce their environmental footprint.


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