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Mattress  Keeping in mind the limited approach to recycling, Hilton Worldwide has launched its Hilton’s mattress recycling program. This program is appropriate both for individuals and organizations and through it, Hilton Worldwide is making tremendous efforts to reduce the amount of waste dumped in waste landfills. Given that most discussions revolving around recycling refer to either using reusable bags or following appropriate waste disposal methods, this program is being considered as a welcome change. This is because it can help increase citizens’ knowledge on recycling.

Hilton’s mattress recycling program

To help residents follow a more ecofriendly lifestyle, Hilton Worldwide has announced the recycling program for mattresses. This program is already available across all the brands in the US. If used by the majority of the population, the program can help minimize the dumping of mattresses into landfills as well as reduce the total amount of hotel mattresses dumped annually by almost 85 percent.

Aside from spreading an ecofriendly message, this program is extremely beneficial for the hotel industry. Randy Gaines, the Vice President of engineering operations of Hilton Worldwide in the US, stated that the company has purchased more than 50,000 mattresses from various hotels in the past two years. According to him, this program will not only reduce the waste dumped in landfills but also  benefit the hotel industry by helping them reduce their annual expenditure on disposing/purchasing mattresses.

Converting used mattresses into eco-friendly promotional items

The program plans to convert used mattresses into a variety of products. With the help of the DH Hospitality Group, the program aims to convert the mattresses into products that require steel springs, wood, quilt scrap, and cotton fibers. When mixed with these materials, the mattresses can be reused in carpet padding, automobiles, mats and many other ecofriendly promotional items.

Ensuring transparency and accountability

Once an individual donates a mattresses to the program, he or she can monitor the way it is recycled by the officials. The hotels can also check the progress of their donations frequently. If they feel that their donations are being used in the right manner, they can choose to donate other items related to room renovation to the program. These room renovation items will be sent to Good360, a program that helps nonprofit agencies in times of need and will further help the hotels in their costcutting plans.

Hilton’s mattress recycling program has already managed to reduce mattress wastage by 20 percent and is way ahead of its projected goals and plans. If the program progresses in the same manner, it is expected to help reduce mattress wastage drastically.


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