Recycling Competition for Schools at Corpus Christi, Texas

recyclingAt Evans Elementary School in Corpus Christi, Texas, students participated in a competition for recycling plastic bags. The students who fared well were promised prizes such as ice creams, pizzas, and a recycled plastic bench.

The students were dressed in tshirts with the recycling logo and displayed stickers that urged people not to discard plastic bags like garbage. Plastic bags that were collected were placed in a recycling bin at the school library.

The recycling competition

Eusebio Guillen, a student of the fifth grade, intends to use plastic bags collected at his home for the recycling competition. He believes he can recycle enough plastic to win the competition. The participating students from various schools of the city brought plastic bags to their schools. The schools in turn dropped them at a city store.

The Principal of Evans Elementary School, Bruce Wilson said that the main aim of the competition was to educate children on the ways to reduce plastic usage and the benefits of recycling them into eco friendly promotional products.

Four Corpus Christischools including Evans Elementary School, Yeager Elementary, Collegiate High School, and Crockett Elementary signed up for the competition. The recycling competition is an initiative taken by CCISD (Corpus Christi Independent School District). The CCISD has partnered with the Corpus Christi Solid Waste Services Department, Texas Retailers Association, and Trex, A Bag’s Life.

Recycling plastic in eco friendly promotional products

The competition that commences on America Recycles Day will continue until April 22, the Earth Day. The program is part of the city’s initiative to monitor changes in the shopping habits of residents and discourage plastic bag usage. Also, awareness is created to reuse plastic bags and recycle discarded items.

HEB and Stripes are some of the wellknown retailers who have pitched in to help with the efforts to promote recycling. The stores are educating their customers and employees on environmental problems. Store owners are also keeping track of the plastic bags sent out of their stores.

The stores have a record of the plastic collected for being recycled and the number of reusable bags that are sold. Several Corpus Christi stores such as HEB, Home Depot, WalMart, and Target have placed recycling bins outside their stores.

Plastic bags loosely thrown around often clog the city’s drains, get caught in trees and fence lines, or are dumped in landfills. Recognizing the hazards of plastic bags on the terrestrial and marine environment, the residents of Corpus Christi are resolved to take many more such environment friendly measures.


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