Recycling Efforts Made By Anoka County

Eco friendly initiativeAnoka County has initiated several recycling programs. The county uses the grant given by the SCORE (Select Committee on Recycling and Environment) for most of its environmental programs. The state allocates the grant in two installments.

State allocated grants for the county’s environmental programs

Carolyn Smith, the county specialist for solid waste abatement, said that as the second installment of the grant for the year 2012 has not yet been received from the state, it might have to be extracted from the county’s reserves.

Twenty-one communities in the county were eligible to receive the state grant. The amount is used to initiate environmental projects. The LRDG (local recycling development grant) of the state is also used for some of the environmental projects.

The money is channelized for organic and waste recycling programs in different municipalities. Additional money is also allocated for community recycling, municipal park recycling, and drop-off facilities for recyclables.

As part of the program, recycling containers were installed across several parks in the county. Separate municipal recycling targets have been set for single and multi-family households.

County’s recycling efforts to produce useful eco friendly promotional items

The grant program is an effort made by the state to support the county in the achievement of its recycling goals. At present, almost 50 percent of the county’s waste is being recycled which includes credits for composting and source reduction. But the county aims to recycle at least 60 percent of its waste without credits by the year 2030.

The target is not easily achievable and requires a great deal of flexibility. Jim Kordiak, the County Commissioner and Chairman of the Waste Management and Energy Committee, states that municipalities have strived hard to implement the environmental programs ever since they received the grant from SCORE.

But the county’s future goals can only be met by initiating innovative recycling approaches. Recycling opportunities are extended and steps have been taken to increase the production of useful eco friendly promotional items.

Each community of the municipality receives $10,000 for the environmental programs. Also, $5 has been granted to each household. The state grant mainly aims to increase the production of the county’s recycled products. It also supports the development of creative products. Environmental awareness camps and drop-off recyclables events can be arranged with the help of state grant. The money was allocated to municipalities competitively based on stipulated guidelines and achieved objectives.


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