Recycling Initiatives Taken In American Counties

Recycling Initiative  Roanoke County has moved the recycling carts at Hidden Valley High School to a different location. Commemorating America Recycles Day which is dedicated to spreading awareness about recycling activities, the City of Hartford has announced a green initiative.

Change in collection centers at Roanoke County

The recyclables at Roanoke County can be dropped off now at Brambleton Center’s parking lot. The arrangement was made in response to a request placed by the schools in Roanoke County to move the recycling trailers.

The carts for recyclables were often overflowing with excessive discarded materials. Some items that were not meant to be placed in the cart included unbroken down boxes, trash bags, large gadgets, plastered buckets, vehicle seats, and tires. The discarded materials were an unpleasant sight and the problem worsened during windy days when debris was scattered all around.

Residents were educated on the type of materials to be placed as recyclables at the new location. Grade 1 to 2 plastic, steel cans, aluminum scraps, tin cans, and mixed paper could be contributed as recyclables. Office paper, newsprint, cardboard, and magazines fell into the category of mixed paper. People were urged to break down boxes before discarding them.

Recycling shoe boxes into eco friendly promotional items

The City of Hartford Workplace Green Action Team has partnered with ShoeBox Recycling to motivate employees to recycle used shoe boxes. All departments of the Green Action Team were also urged to collect discarded shoes to distribute them to needy people.

Almost 14 departments in the city have contributed shoes for the initiative. Shoebox Recycling Program has prompted municipal employees to work towards conserving the environment and reach out to the underprivileged. The program also awards prizes to the participants who collect the most number of shoe boxes.

As a number of shoe boxes are discarded, the initiative aims to lessen the accumulation of trash in landfills by putting the boxes to good use. The cardboard boxes are transformed into several useful eco friendly promotional items by recycling processes.

The recycling triangle of reduce, reuse and recycle has been inverted to place more importance on reusing policies. The move has a humanitarian edge because of the shoes that are given out freely to poor people. Also, recycling of shoe boxes is arranged. Contributors are given an opportunity to trace the journey taken by their shoes by sticking a note inside the shoes.


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