Researchers are Turning Recycled Plastic Bags into a Usable Fuel Source

Clean airA group of scientists at the National Institute of Technology and the Centurion University of Technology and Management in Odisha, India have developed a process to transform recycled plastic bags into a usable fuel source. They are targeting low-density polyethylene plastics, or LDPE, for their high petrochemical content. Their process, thermo-catalytic degradation, causes the plastic to break down into carbon-rich molecules similar to petrochemicals.

In the past decade, researchers have been looking for ways to combat the hazards that discarded plastic products can cause both on land and in our waterways, by coming up with ways to make them invaluable. There have been several prior attempts with similar ideas from an inventor in Japan as well as several companies in the United States. The problems arise in trying to make it economically feasible, making it work on a large scale and ensuring that the new process is not adding to the pollution problems.

It seems like a natural idea, plastic bags are created from oil, so they should be able to be converted back to oil. Finding a viable way to turn plastic trash into a usable fuel will not only cut down on the amount of trash in landfills but also help reduce our dependence on oil. Wouldn’t it be great if we could turn our disposable plastic grocery bags into fuel for our cars?

Until a solution is found and put into use, the best way to reduce your carbon footprint is to stop using disposable plastic bags. Eco friendly shopping bags are available in a variety of sizes, styles and fabrics. They are affordable, durable, easy to find and many of them are now made from 100% biodegradable material.

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