Marketing Your Partners on Grocery Bags

As a business owner, you likely have partners. You sell products from trusted partners. Some businesses work with a parallel company. You might share ad space with a trusted partner, and these partners should make their way onto your grocery bags. Read more as you consider how you will add your business partners to each bag.

At Custom Grocery Bags, we have the perfect bags for marketing your shop, your partners, and your most popular products.

Add Their Logo on the Grocery Bags

You can add the logo provided by your partners. Most businesses have a logo for their partners, and you can both agree to add each other’s logo to the bags. The secondary logo pops with color. The logo can be surrounded by extra graphics. Additionally, you can add images from your partners.

Add Partner Images

Consider adding partner images to the bags. The image makes a statement, and it helps sell those products. You can also ask your partners to do the same thing for you. Sharing ad space on grocery bags is much more effective than doing all of this on your own. The images are more exciting when printing in full-color. Your customers see the product, remember they bought it from you, and return to your shop.

Add Their Slogan

Grocery bags should be home to the slogans from your partners. You have information from your business on the bag, and you can mix the two slogans or logos. This makes the bag more interesting, active, and memorable.

Contact us at Custom Grocery Bags today when you want to add partner logos. We have a way of helping our customers add the proper designs. Our company knows how to print perfectly in full-color, and we can give you some direction if you need a little bit of assistance.



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