Why Are Reusable Bags So Popular?

My EcoReusable shopping bags have become popular because not only are they are a simple way to help the environment, they are durable, generally have a larger capacity, better looking and more convenient to use.

Reusable bags can be used for purposes other than groceries. Many people take them to the beach, to school, to work and some even use them as a purse. They can be easily stored in your trunk so you have them available for every shopping trip including a trek to the mall.

Reusable bags have a larger capacity than plastic grocery bags. The one thing that made reusable bags so popular in grocery stores is that they are able to hold more than the flimsy plastic bags. You can conveniently place all of your produce in one reusable bag, which means fewer bags to carry in after a shopping trip.

Reusable shopping bags are much sturdier than plastic ones. You won’t ever again have to deal with the mess from a split bag. Even with regular cleanings, the reusable bags hold up better than plastic. One reusable bag can replace more than 700 single use plastic bags.

Reusable bags are more appealing to look at than plastic shopping bags. They are available in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and materials. Reusable bags can be made from eco-friendly materials or recycled plastics and since they are reusable they are considered better for the environment than disposable single use plastic bags.

Purchased reusable shopping bags work out to be more cost effective that either disposable or paper bags when you figure in all the costs, both monetarily and environmentally. The environmental cost alone is too high just considering the main substance for making paper (trees) and single use plastic bags (petroleum oil) and then add to that the shipping costs and fuel use of constantly replenishing both. The durability of reusable bags allows you to re-use the bag over and over without the cost of purchasing more.


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