The Reusable Grocery Bag, a Hero Among Accessories

Recycled ItemsYou are probably already the proud owner of at least one reusable grocery bag. Whether you bought it from your local grocery story or were given a freebie at a tradeshow, you have it, but forget to utilize it. Having the reusable bags is only half the battle, remembering to bring it shopping with you is the other half.

There are too many single-use plastic bags out there already, and the numbers grow every day. Sadly, only 1-5% of plastic is recycled. Plastic is not biodegradable; instead it goes through a process known as photodegradation. During this process the light from the sun chemically breaks down plastic into smaller pieces, which are just as much of a hazard and pollutant as the original bag.

Whether it’s the original plastic bag littering the waterways or the smaller plastic bits from the photodegradation, the pollution from plastics cause serious issues for marine life as well as humans. Hundreds of thousands of marine animals are killed every year due to pollution from plastics either through entanglement, ingestion or suffocation. The small plastic particles can be ingested by fish and passed along the food chain to birds and humans.

Your reusable grocery bag is the force that can stop the contaminating effects of plastic on the environment. When looking at your reusable grocery bag, make sure it is sustainable, if you feel that it is not, consider buying a new one. There are readily available reusable grocery and tote bags made from durable, eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, cotton and jute.

Take steps to ensure you remember to bring your reusable tote bags with you. Set them out with your grocery list, hang them near the door, write a reminder on a post it note or keep one folded in your purse, whatever it takes to remind you to have them with you when you go shopping. It’s a great habit to get into.

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