Reusable Lunch Bags for Children

lunch bagsWith the increasing interest in all things eco-friendly, the latest trend is biodegradable reusable lunch bags.  Now you can ensure the lunch packed for your child is 100% waste free.

About the lunch bag

Similar to the numerous eco-friendly promotional items that are making the rounds, the latest reusable lunch bags are a great eco-friendly way to pack school lunches. The bags are made from Ariaprene, a toxin-free material, which makes these bags completely safe for children.

The biodegradable lunch bags are free of phthalates, lead and PVC. Eliminating these chemicals is a priority so that there is no off-gassing of these chemicals around children and their food, which can otherwise be very harmful.

The lunch bags come in a wide range of funky and fun designs for both boys and girls. The colors that these bags are available in are striking and bold. The bags are designed keeping in mind the needs of children with enough space to fit a sandwich, thermal container, water bottle and a lot of fun snacks.

The bag has inner mesh pockets zipper closure and exterior pockets that allow better organization of the lunch bag. The material is thick, so there is no need to worry as all your child’s belongings will remain safe throughout the day, even with rough handling.

Details about the bag and other eco-friendly promotional items

Ariaprene, the main material used in making these lunch bags and various eco-friendly promotional items that are used by major industries and businesses is extremely environmentally friendly as compared to materials otherwise used to make reusable lunch bags.  Just like brown paper bags, this new biodegradable reusable lunch bag will end up in landfills.

The great thing about these bags is that they are extremely durable and can be used for at least one school year. Pairing these bags with food containers that are reusable gives you a lunch that is completely waste free.

Ariaprene is constructed with a one of a kind cross-linked elastomer bond, which permits easy decomposition at high moisture and temperature levels. Landfills ideally have temperature and moisture levels that are high. The material is also highly elastic, water-resistant and machine washable. When compared to neoprene, ariaprene has 30% higher insulating properties. The new material is finding various other applications as it is completely free of toxic chemicals, making it extremely safe for daily use.


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