Reusable T-Shirt Bags to Replace Plastic in Toronto

The plastic bag ban fever is quickly spreading all across the States and both retailers and consumers are forced to find alternatives to single-use plastic bags. With the increasing awareness about environmental protection, it probably won’t be long before these bags are banned in the whole of theUnited States.

Plastic bag ban in Toronto

The ban on plastic bags will take effect in Toronto on the 1st day of 2013. The announcement of this ban has created a big market for wholesale reusable bags. A large number of stores and super markets are giving out promotional reusable bags that will help consumers adapt to this ordinance.

The ban on plastic bans in Toronto is the largest municipality ban so far.Torontois among several other cities inAmericawho have banned the use of plastic bags. Retailers are using reusable bags as a promotional tool for special events and sales.

An answer to the ban: seed paper and reusable bags  

Although paper bags are one alternative, most stores will charge a levy on these bags, steering consumers towards reusable bags. The most innovative reusable bags are those made from t-shirts.

Reusable bags made from t-shirts are extremely cost effective and can be used by retailers to promote brands and logos. It is a great way to show support to the environment and is also an incentive on the customer’s part.

These non-woven bags are an inexpensive solution for grocery stores, retail chains and restaurants. The cost of these bags is much lower because they are machine made and can be washed by hand. The fact that these are mass produced also reduces their cost per unit.

Retailers have the option of taking their pick from a large variety of designs, colors and weights as these bags are highly customizable. Among all other reusable bags in the market, they are prized most reasonably and are made from heavy duty, non-woven fabric.

Consumers can use reusable t-shirt bags for numerous purposes and retailers will love these bags as they serve as great tools to promote their products and services. It is similar to a walking billboard that has no advertisement costs. It gives businesses the chance to go green and grow their business at the same time. Many of these bags come with specific cleaning and maintenance tips. They prove that simple ideas can make a big difference to environment protection!


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