Reuse Old Plastic Bags or Go In For Reusable Totes

Reusable bagIn recent years, plastic bags have proven to be the environmentalists’ enemy and the scourge of landfills. Ever since 2007, most US cities have passed ordinances to ban the usage of these bags and instead use wholesale reusable bags and renewable paper bags.

For instance the California sewer and plumbing system was completely plagued with an overabundance of plastic trash in all its storm drains, which made it issue a plastic bag ban in 2011 January. Most US cities are still undergoing the transition from plastic to reusable totes and even though the process might be a bit hard, it is quite necessary for the health of the environment.

Get creative with the plastic bags stacked at home

While landfills are overflowing and oceans are turning into toxic soups, there seems like there is no other better alternative but to recycle the plastic bags that you have at home. Apart from using them to serve as second purposes such as lining trash bins, using them as poop-picking bags and others, you could get creative and reuse these bags for other  purposes as well.

Use wholesale reusable bags

Even though you can take the same plastic bag back to the supermarket and utilize it to carry your next haul, you could turn it into a reusable tote as well. Accumulate your old plastics and make a reusable plastic tote out of them. It is quite an innovative method and you could join together different colored bags and make a colorful tote.

Throw rug

If you are someone who has excellent weaving skills, then turn your old plastic covers into a fashionable rug. Use brightly colored and tightly rolled plastic bags to make a rug, which will look as attractive as the ones made out of traditional textiles.

Soccer balls

Apart from serving the purpose of being a carry bag, plastics can also be put together to make a soccer ball. Gather a bunch of plastic bags and pack them tightly in the shape of a ball. The perfectly wrapped balls will be perfect for playful sessions on the grassy pitch.

Paint your walls

With all the paint companies coming up with innovative paint effects for your ceiling and walls, you don’t have to go in for these expensive methods. You can get a beautiful textures effect by using plastic bags while painting your walls. Once you apply a dark paint coat on the walls, apply a second lighter shade of paint using scrunched up plastic covers as the roller.


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