Rose Valley Sanitary District under Threat

threatWith the city councils becoming stricter about the environmental laws, the Rose Valley Sanitary District has been warned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on their unsanitary waste disposal. According to the warning, the district may be prone to a civil penalty if they don’t rectify their disposal methods, especially for substances that consist of toxic materials.

The official notice given to the district

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or EPA sent a formal letter to the district. The letter stated that the district had violated laws in the context of waste disposal. According to the letter, the district utilizes concrete that is coated with paint materials consisting of harmful substances such as polychlorinated biphenyls. The agency has found evidence of these materials in the former treatment plant of the district where the company disposed its waste materials previously.

The District tries justifying and encouraging eco friendly promotional items

The District representatives discussed the accusation made by the EPA first in a private meeting and then in a conference. During the conference, the officials representing the district stated that the board has decided to fix this problem by getting the pipes within the facility changed. This entire change will cost the board approximately $150 million.

According to the General Manager at the district, Wendy Martin-Miller, the EPA is not right in blaming the district for its unsanitary conditions. According to her, the former manager at the district had sent the EPA a letter stating that they need some time to work on the cleaning of their old site. But the EPA seems to ignore the fact that the district had informed them regarding this matter.

Wendy states that the district has been trying hard to clean up their old site that the EPA has found unsanitary. She adds that the toxic materials were used to build their old treatment plant, and when the plant was demolished, the materials seeped into the surrounding areas. However, these materials unlike PCB’s don’t perforate into the water table, so they are not as harmful as projected by the EPA, she stated.

The district is trying to take initiatives to encourage eco friendly promotional items, and is well aware of their environmental responsibility, according to Wendy. If the EPA gives the district an extension, she assures them that they will take steps to clean the site completely. She concludes by saying that the letter is just a way to make the district seem irresponsible toward the environment, while in reality the district is making efforts to change its policies and make them more eco-friendly.


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