Why are RPET Bags Great for Groceries?

RPET is one of the best materials to use for grocery bags. Why? It is soft, recycled, and recyclable. You might not know what RPET is, but we will explain and show you why these bags are so much fun. Your customers deserve a nice experience when they are shopping. Sell these bags because they provide such a wonderful texture and experience. They add a bi of luxury to your brand.

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What is RPET?

This is an exciting material made from recycled water bottles. The fabric is not hard like the plastic from these water bottles. It comes out soft, and you have likely seen it in other locations. Any business that says they use materials made from recycled water bottles is using RPET. Because the fabric is so soft, it is easy to use. Plus, it offers the customer a nice shopping experience.

Why Use RPET Bags?

Grocery bags made from RPET are a great way to hook your customers. Hang the bags at the front door. Everyone takes one, and they instantly feel how soft the bags are. They will likely ask to keep it. You can give them away or sell them for a profit. These bags also carry your logo well and make customers want to touch the bag.

You will get just as many referrals from the logo as you will from the feel of the bag.

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