Rume Organizes a Contest to Promote Eco-friendly Products

Eco fashion┬áRume, a Denverbased lifestyle brand, is hosting an interesting competition for their promotional reusable bags and iPhone cases. The competition is very simple, as in the participants need to go on a social networking site and explain as to why they deserve to win the merchandize. Rume, as a brand, has always been famous for it’s ecofriendly initiatives, and through this competition it is making an effort to popularize reusable products among people.

The craze to win Rume’s eco-friendly products

The fashion industry has been making efforts to promote ecofriendly products for a while now, and Rume is one of the many brands that strongly propagates this message. As a lifestyle brand, Rume recognizes that customers want to buy bags that are fashionable as well as useful, and their knowledge on consumer demands is clearly reflected in all their products. So, it’s not surprising that the brand has many celebrity fans, such as Jessica Alba and Rachel Bilson as well.

Since Rume’s products are popular among celebrities, this competition is receiving a lot of positive response. The competition is divided into two simple steps. The participants need to log into any social networking site, such as Facebook or Twitter, and follow Rume. Once they do this, they need to look for Rume’s guest page and comment on it. Before commenting on the page, the participants need to tag themselves in the photograph provided there, and in the comment they need to state as to why they are eligible to win.

To promote the competition, Rume has announced that once the participants register for the competition, they will get a 15 percent off on their first purchase at Rume. This offer will be available to all the participants once they enter a code, GofG15 at the checkout center. On the other hand, the winner of the competition will win a Rume custommade iPhone case, and a reusable bag. This reusable bag is offered in partnership with Onelia Estudillo of Conspiracy LA.

Rume’s promotional reusable bags and other eco-friendly products

Rume, as a brand, was launched to promote eco friendly promotional items. The company was started in 2008, on Earth Day, by a couple – Katy and Jae lee. Over the years, the brand has established itself in the ecofriendly consumer market, as it comes up with products that are environmentally friendly and very stylish as well. For their creative products, the brand has been praised by many magazines as well, such as Instyle, Foam, and People.


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