Ryder Systems Wins Awards for its Eco-friendly efforts

Eco friendly productsA well-known name in the supply chain management market as well as the commercial transportation market, Ryder Systems, Inc. has won the award for 2012’s Green Supply Chain. This award is being given to the company by a magazine titled Supply & Demand Chain Executive. Ryder is going to receive this award as an acknowledgment of its efforts to meet sustainability goals.

Ryder System, Inc. – promoting eco-friendly working environment

Ryder is a company that is known for its work in the supply chain management sector, commercial transportation sector, and the logistics sector. Over the years, the company has won many accolades for its efforts to try and incorporate green methods in its activities. The company has been placed in the Newsweek Green Rankings for three years in a row. It is among the top 250 US based companies in this list. Additionally, Ryder is also a member of the American Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program, and contributes toward disaster preparedness activities.

An award for encouraging eco friendly promotional items

The Green Supply Chain awards are designed to recognize companies that make efforts to encourage eco friendly promotional items. The awards recognize corporate organizations who are trying to incorporate green methods, or organizations that are trying to achieve sustainable goals. The President of Ryder’s Global Supply Chain, John Williford, stated that their company strongly believes in the principles of sustainable growth. Over the years, Ryder has been making a lot of efforts to try and come up with innovative solutions to the existing environmental problems.

In the recent past, Ryder has been recognized for helping its customers in increasing their environmental performance; this is specifically true in terms of the supply chain sector. The company provides their customers with natural gas. Natural gas is an excellent alternative for fossil fuels, as it releases very few greenhouse gases while burning. If the customers use natural gas instead of diesel or other fossil fuels, they help in protecting the environmental degradation and also save up on their costs.

Additionally, Ryder helps its customers in transferring waste to recycling centers and optimizing their usage of energy. The company provides its customers with automobile technology. This technology helps the customers monitor the amount of fuel that they are using. Ryder also trains its employees on how to drive these vehicles so that the customers can monitor their fuel consumption in a safe manner.

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