San Mateo County Council Might Impose Plastic Bag Ban Ordinance

Plstic bagThe supervisors of the San Mateo County have decided to consider the ban on plastic bags in unincorporated communities. County council members will talk about the whole issue in the meeting that will be held on the 23rd of October, 2012. If the ban is accepted this move can spur as many as 24 Peninsula cities to follow the same strategy.

If the imposition of the ban is accepted after the meeting in the coming week, the grocery stores will no longer offer carryout plastic covers and bags to customers. According to the ordinance, the alternative that the shoppers must use is wholesale reusable bags.

In case the shoppers forget to bring their reusable totes, then they will be charged at least a dime for each organic paper bag that the stores will offer until 1st January 2015. After this date, the prices of paper bags offered at grocery stores will go up to a quarter.

President of the Board of Supervisors expects resistance from County residents

Adrienne Tissier, who is the President of the Board of Supervisors in San Mateo County, said that she is expecting some amount of resistance from the County residents as they have all been frequent plastic bag users. Tissier, however, is quite sure that once the people realize the importance of not using plastic bags and become eco-minded, they will easily adapt to the switch to reusable totes.

The President of the board continued to say that if the ban is going to be approved, then it is going to be like any other new movement; there will certainly be some expected pushback in the beginning.

Health Director of Environment encourages County to use wholesale reusable bags

Dean Peterson is the Environmental Health Director of San Mateo County, who is planning to encourage further extensive education to the residents regarding the benefits of using reusable totes. Peterson wants the people to know about the risks of using plastic bags, which usually end up blocking the storm-water drains and pollute the water bodies. All the plastic pollution ends up harming the wildlife present in the water bodies and cause imbalance in the ecosystem.

According to the ban proposal, the bag ban will apply to all the retail stores, including convenience stores, grocery stores, shops and pharmacies. According to the board members, the usage of plastic bags at food outlets will still be allowed. Also, the plastic bags can be used to separate meats, produce, prescription medicines and bulk foods as well.


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