Scientists Create Eco-Friendly Plastic

Scientists have created eco-friendly plastic using, of all things, salmon sperm. You can learn more about this development here. With this technological marvel, there are also things to consider in the interim. Eco-conscious plastic might not take over the world markets anytime soon. So what are you to do?

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What is Eco-Friendly Plastic?

The eco-friendly plastic that was created by researchers in China using two strands of salmon DNA, and it uses 97 percent less carbon emissions in production. The process creates what is called a hydrogel, and that can be used to create a product that is just like plastic. However, it is biodegradable.

Alternatives to Plastic

There are a lot of alternatives to plastic. Yes, eco-conscious plastic is helpful. Two of the most popular substitutes are glass and reusable bags, totes, or accessories. When you are using glass around the house, you can clean it and reuse it. However, plastic is cheaper and more convenient. This is why eco-friendly plastic is such a big deal for consumers.

Eco-Friendly Plastic and the Oceans/Landfills

Studies show that nearly 7 billion tons of plastic are still in the oceans or landfills because the product does not degrade. While eco-friendly plastic can cut back on waste in the oceans, it cannot solve the problem today. Try reusable bags, totes, and accessories to cut back on your consumption. Yes, look out for eco-conscious plastics that might change the way you live, but remember that a collection of reusable bags and accessories is a household necessity.

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