Sculptures That Pollinate the Urban Ecosystem

A sculpture that can serve as a pollinator is an excellent idea for any community. At Ravenswood and Sunnyside Avenues in Chicago, local artists have created a sculpture that helps with pollination. You can learn more about it here. While this is just one way to transform an urban and industrial space, it’s a good first step for the community.

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Why a Pollinating Sculpture?

Urban spaces often lose all their natural beauty as they sprawl. These areas can create jobs and allow industry to grow, but they can be completely devoid of anything that resembles nature. Yes, urban farming and gardening is helpful, but it usually occurs on a micro scale.

A pollinating sculpture is a macro solution that allows bees from all over the area to visit. You can read more about it here.

Local Artists Bring Pollinating Sculptures to Chicago

In the Ravenswood industrial corridor, there are several commissioned sculptures that are meant to bring bees back to the area. Local artists Janet Austin and Emily Moorhead-Wallace are working on these sculptures that do more than add a touch of art and sophistication to the area.

Amy Czarkowski, the project manager at the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce, said, “Artists and other businesses started to come into this industrial area where they could make noise and make whatever mess they wanted, and have a little bit more free rein around here. We have a really, really heavy arts-focused community here along the corridor. And the sculptures are really for us to be able to highlight that.”

Why Does a Pollinator Sculpture Help?

The pollinator sculpture has also gone to places like the seaside region of Cornwall in England. It helps because it invites bees back to the area. Sometimes, bees have nowhere to go, but they can visit these sculptures. The piece also invites more greenery to the area.

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