Share Space on Your Custom Grocery Bags

Businesses work together every day, but they might forget to work together on their marketing. When you want to place an order for custom grocery bags, you can split the space with your most trusted partner. We have a few ideas that will help, and these ideas allow the both of you to save money when placing orders for promotional products.

At Custom Grocery Bags, we can help you share space on these bags and make a good impression on all your customers by working together.

Why Share Space on Custom Grocery Bags?

When you want to use custom grocery bags, you need to pay for them. Sharing space on these bags helps you split the cost of the order. This is a nice way for both companies to work together. Plus, you can start designing bags that allow you to share the space. Most of our largest grocery bags have broad faces on two sides. One of you on one side and the other on the other side.

How Does Sharing Improve Your Business?

Think of a classic deli in your community–now think of of a classic bakery. Did you know that that bakery likely sells rolls to the deli? What if they worked in the same building or the same shopping center? What if they were right next to each other?

Maybe you own two small eateries in the food court of a local outlet shopping center. You can put the logo of one restaurant on one side of the bag–and your other restaurant gets the other side. Maybe you run a grocery store, and you have a specialty cake decorator working out of your bakery. Put her logo on one half of your grocery bags, and put your logo on the other side. When people come to buy a cake, they’re still shopping with you.

In all this, you can split costs, save money, and see good marketing results. Reach out to us at Custom Grocery bags today for help designing your bag.


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