Sims Recycling Solutions: Premium Recycling Facility at Sacramento

Recycling plant ideasSims Recycling Solutions is the world’s pioneer in electronic recycling and reuse. The Sacramento Business Journal has acknowledged it as the best recycling firm for four consecutive years. The journal takes into account the quantity of recycled electronic waste for a particular year to determine the best recycler in Sacramento.

The success story of Sims Recycling Solutions

For the year 2011, Sims Recycling Solutions had recycled nearly 12000 tons of electronic waste. The firm recycles materials at its certified facility at Roseville. The facility is spread across a 200,000 square-feet site. The processes performed at the site include mechanical and manual sorting, shredding and electronic processing.

Sims Recycling Solutions caters to several business sectors. The company is owned by Sims Metal Management, a trading company that has expertise, infrastructure, and global reach to insure that secure data disposal.

State-of-the-art processing technologies are used as the firm takes responsibility for the data and environment. In this way, the company has established itself as a reputed firm that is sought after in several American states such as Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Illinois, New Jersey, and South Carolina.

Converting recyclables into eco friendly promotional items

Awareness has been spread on the importance of recycling discarded electronic gadgets like printers, TVs, and computers. Recycling these gadgets drastically reduce the trash accumulated in landfills.

Steve Skurnac, the President of Sims Recycling Solutions states that by organizing regular collection events for electronic gadgets, residents are presented with a convenient, environment sensitive way to dispose off the equipment.

Sims Recycling Solutions arranges an electronic recycling event on the first Friday of every month. The collection takes place at the company’s premises. Residents can drop of the e waste between 3 to 7 PM.

A wide range of equipment such as laptops, computers, mice, cell phones, keyboards, printers, phones, stereos, DVD and CD players, radios audio devices, clocks, and MP3 players are accepted.

The firm however refuses to accept liquids, hazardous materials, toner cartridges, appliances, bottles, cans, automotive parts, oils, refrigerators, constructions materials, paper. and microwaves.

Common recyclables like plastic and paper objects can be easily transformed into useful eco friendly promotional items; however, electronic waste undergoes a complex processing scheme.

E waste is first manually sorted. The copper and batteries are extracted and the items are then shred. Iron and steel are then removed from the electronic debris. Finally, plastic is separated from glass using water. All the retrieved raw materials are sold separately to be reused.


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