Starting October 1st San Luis Obispo County is Banning Plastic Bags

Plastic bag banSan Luis Obispo Countyis banning single-use plastic bags and wants almost all retailers to follow the rule. Goods and groceries will no longer be packaged in single-use plastic bags, but instead can be packed in wholesale reusable bags or in recyclable paper bags.

What the ordinance states

The ordinance that was approved by the County members of the Integrated Waste Management Authority this January, states clearly that all retail stores needs to stop offering their shoppers single-use plastic carry bags while packing their goods. It is also clearly stated in the ordinance that produce, meat, pharmacy prescription and bulk food can still be packed in small plastic bags. Also, newspaper and dry cleaning bags are allowed.

Retailers need to offer wholesale reusable bags

Instead of offering single-use plastic bags to their customers, retailers will have to provide them with reusable totes and paper bags. The paper bags need to be made out of organic material and the retailer can charge the customer at least 10 cents for each paper bag bought. Using reusable totes or paper bags not just an eco-friendly solution but also a low-cost method to carry home your groceries.

Almost three dozen cities inCaliforniahave imposed their own rules regarding the ban of using plastic bags. Most of the cities have placed a ten cent price on each paper bag requirement and few other cities have asked the retailers to demand at least 25 cents from their shoppers. The increase in the amount charged for paper bags will only be increased after a certain amount of time.

The SLO County legislation

According to the legislation of the SLO County, any store that is over ten thousand square feet, pharmacies, convenience stores and supermarkets will have to comply with the ordinance. Despite the ordinance being assed, it is now up to the customers to choose between the low-cost, eco-friendly method and the lethal plastic bags in order to carry their groceries. The ordinance also includes big retail outlets that sell electronics, clothing and sporting goods.

Shopping with reusable totes is an extremely recommended and necessary measure in order to save the planet from the lethal impacts of plastics. Since the material is non-biodegradable, it is dumped in landfills or into oceans and seas. By doing so, man is killing the marine life and causing imbalance in the eco-system.


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