Students of NYU Pledge to Reduce Energy Consumption

RecyclingOver thousand students signed a pledge to work towards decreasing the energy usage in theNew YorkUniversitythis semester. The initiative is called Take the Pledge, which began this month as part of brand new approach towards decreasing the energy consumption during the fall period. Manager of the New York University Sustainability Initiatives, Jeremy Friedman, said that in the past all efforts for sustainability have taken place without anyone’s knowledge.

Since previous efforts had been kept under wraps, the office of the University now wants to connect with all students in the campus, and encourage, empower and inspire them to make some behavioral changes. Friedman said that the changes anticipated for the future aren’t going to come by hidden efforts but by including and engaging the entire student community as a partner. Only when the students are educated will the efforts be a success.

Enrich the lives of students but also make them eco-minded

Along with enriching the lives of the students, it is the duty of the University to make them more environmental friendly and make changes in their consumer behavior. The campaign urges students to take ten steps towards being more sustainable. To be more sustainable the students will have to start turning off lights when not in use, recycle, use refillable containers, use eco-friendly promotional items, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and use CFLs and other steps.

Usage of wholesale reusable bags under the ten step initiative

Apart from the other steps, usage of wholesale reusable bags, choosing used goods and including more people in this intuitive were the other steps. The office is currently using the university-wide consumption of energy in 2006, as the benchmark for this long-term aim to reduce energy usage. Since 2006, the New York University has seen over thirty percent reductions in the energy consumption in the campus just because of the co-generation plant, which was opened last year.

The pledge program was initially created for the freshmen in campus, who were moving into other residence halls. Since more number of students is showing interest in the program, the pledge team decided to ask the other students for their pledges as well. It is supposed to be an interactive program and the office will keep a track of the students who sign the pledge and check in with them regarding their sustainability efforts.


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