Summer Coffee Recipes Everyone Will Love

Summer coffee recipes are especially helpful for you because you need coffee to get started. However, drinking hot coffee on a hot morning is…a drag. These summer coffee recipes will make it easy for you to get ready for the day without drinking hot coffee, spending a lot of money, or taking too much time.

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Iced Coffee With Ease

An iced brew is easier to make than you think. Yes, you can buy the special brew at the store and pour it over ice in the morning. Some people, however, don’t want to spend the money. We get that. You can set your coffeemaker much earlier, and by the time you get up, the brew has cooled. It’s fresh, and you can pour it over ice with cream or milk.

Cafe au Lait

Cafe au lait is still warm, but it’s not nearly as hot as it would be otherwise. What is it? Pour your hot coffee halfway up your mug and fill the rest of the mug with milk or cream. Your drink cools down quickly, and you won’t have to burn your tongue to get the day started.

The Coffee Smoothie

Smoothies have been all the rage since everyone started coming out with a blender and special green smoothie recipes (remember the company that tried to blend a Chuck Norris action figure and it didn’t work? Check out the video, it’s funny.)

However, you might not want to go all in with fruits and greens that you need. Plus, you may not want that flavor in the morning. We get it. Set your coffeemaker earlier, let it cool down. Ice, cream, and your brew go in the blender to make a morning smoothie. (We know every coffeehouse calls it something different.)

No matter what you call it, it takes moments to make and even less time to clean up. Come back to Custom Grocery Bags for more food tips and custom grocery totes.

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