Superpower Your Freezer:4 Tips for Every Family

When you open your freezer, you likely encounter lots of frozens you haven’t gotten to yet. There are a few ways for you to superpower your freezer, make the most of the space, and eat well.

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Custom Ice Trays in the Freezer

When you purchase ice trays, you can do more than make regular ice. Yes, you can find some fun ice trays with unique shapes or colors. However, you can also freeze any drink you want in those trays.

Freeze wine, your favorite spirit, beer, or soft drink. You can add these cubes to your drinks, or you can blend them to make fun smoothies or frozen cocktails.

Divide Frozen Proteins

You can divide frozen proteins so they are easier to portion as you cook. For example, you might purchase a few pounds of ground beef, but you can divide the beed up into several bags. Each bag is good for one meal. It’s easier to portion, and you don’t need to rewrap delicate proteins.

Prepare Meals

Some people prefer to pre-cook meals. When you do this, you can store and freeze those meals for the future. They are easy to unpack and reheat in just a few moments. Plus, you can truly think about what you want to eat without putting in the work and making it from scratch every night.

Veggies in the Freezer

When you want to add veggies to your meals, go for frozen veggies. They are easy to cook, easy to portion, and easy to store.

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