Susty Party Celebrates Sustainability

eco friendlySusty Party is a company created in 2009 (as Sustainable Party) by Emily Doubilet and Jessica Holsey in Brooklyn, NY. It was an idea born out of noticing how much waste was produced through parties and special events. These environmentally conscious ladies believed that it was possible to celebrate in an eco-friendly way, rather than creating more landfill waste and using products that were made from non-renewable resources.

They launched their first retail product in 2012, a compostable starch plate. This year they have launched a whole line of Susty Party products including wooden cutlery, a range of cup sizes, cocktail straws, napkins and a bio-plastic tablecloth. However, the companies efforts don’t stop there. Their non-profit manufacturing partnership with Envision Industries also creates jobs for the blind and visually impaired.

Susty Party’s compostable products are made from a variety of sustainable natural resources including bagasse sugarcane, tapioca starch, grass fibers, areca palm leaves, PLA (polylactic acid, a plant-based resin) and sustainably harvested wood. Their products are also extremely functional and durable. Bagasse sugarcane produces a sturdy product that is microwave and freezer safe. Tapioca starch and grass fibers are mixed together to form a sturdy, oven and microwave safe material that can be colored with mineral pigments. The polylactic acid they use for their products comes from corn kernels.

Susty Party’s online ordering not only includes their line of products but offers sustainable party supplies available from other companies as well. Every product available from Susty Party is renewable, sustainably harvested, compostable and non-toxic. All products available under the Susty Party label are also made in North America, so their company is not only good for the environment, but also benefits the US economy.

Susty Party products are available online, in select stores including nationwide distribution at Whole Foods Market, Wegmans and others. They can also do custom printing, stamping, shapes, designs and produce other products with their bio-materials.  Learn more about this great company at

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