Taking the Eco-Friendly Route: Travel Sustainably

It’s been revealed that Google Maps will start showing you the most sustainable or eco-friendly route. This is a massive change for the platform which previously offered options not attached to sustainable travel. You can learn more about the announcement here, and it will help to take a look at the best ways to make your travel plans greener.

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Getting the Eco-Friendly Route

When you use Google Maps, you can be sure that it will give you an eco-friendly route. It’s important to remember that you get the fastest route. There’s the route with no tolls. You can avoid highways, too.

You can now see the eco-friendly route that will be more fuel efficient.

The Eco-Friendly Route Reduces Consumption

Effectively, Google has ensured that you will save money on gas. If you’re running low, you can take the most fuel efficient route. If you drive a big vehicle, these routes could be even more beneficial.

Plus, you may want to check for fuel efficiency if you own fleet vehicles or haul large items.

Eco-Friendly Routes for Bicycles

You can check out news on the Google eco-friendly route roll out here. As you read, you’ll find that there will be lite navigation for bicyclists. Riding a bike is far more eco-friendly than driving. However, some people avoid biking because they can’t follow directions on a screen safely. The new navigation offers trip progress and ensures that the bicyclist’s screen need not remain on throughout a journey.

Rethink Eco-Friendly Travel Today

Now that you’ve had time to rethink how you travel, consider how much money you can save on fuel. You can also go sustainable when you pack by looking through recycled and reusable bags. Plus, you can try some unique accessories that make every part of your trip far more sustainable.

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