The City Council in Clinton Promotes Curbside Recycling and Custom Recycled Bags

Custom Recycled BagsThe city officials in Clinton are trying to prepare the residents for the new curbside recycling system in the city. The officials need to purchase containers worth $150,000 for the new curbside recycling system. They have entered a state grant program in order to receive a $75,000 grant for these containers. As of now, the officials are confident that their grant will be approved, and have announced that the city will switch over to using a curbside recycling system from the 12th of March, 2013.

City officials inform the residents about the change

In order to make the transition to a curbside recycling system in a smooth way, the officials have been spreading information on this issue among the residents. According to Jeff Vreugdenhil, the Public Works Director for the city, a lot of information has been provided to the residents. The officials are handing out an information kit to the residents; this kit includes calendars and flyers containing factual details about the new recycling program.

According to Vreugdenhil, the residents need to retain the calendars from the kits as they have important information about the revised recycling system. The calendars have blue highlighted portions on them. These portions fall between Tuesday and Friday and indicate the collection dates. So if the residents keep these calendars properly, they will know when they need to dispose their recyclables. The city is going to follow a bi-weekly recycling system. So the residents will have to dispose their recyclables every other week.

In addition to the collection dates, the calendars also have highlighted holiday segments. The holidays are marked with red circles on the calendars. According to Vreugdenhil, there are only two holidays during the recycle schedule for this year. However, this calendar also mentions the sanitation schedule. The officials feel that printing calendars is more economical than printing out schedules and pasting them on the collection carts. So they are distributing these calendars among the residents, and are hoping that the residents will retain them.

City officials also promote Custom Recycled Bags

Apart from informing the residents about the new recycling system, the city officials are encouraging them to use custom recycled bags. This is because the officials feel that if the residents use reusable bags, their waste generation will reduce, as plastic bags are a prominent component of household waste.


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