The Effects of Overtourism

Travelers are speaking up as they see the effects of overtourism. When you take trips to beautiful places, you might find a lot of other people there. Traveling should be a relaxing experience for you and not harm the places where you choose to go. You can even see the changes to some ecosystems near your home. Or, you might have noticed trash and erosion in places that once seemed untouched.

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What is Overtourism?

Overtourism occurs when an ecologically-interesting location becomes too popular and a cottage industry grows up around it. This brings far too many people to the area, and that starts to impact the ecosystem. You will find this on beaches around the world from Hawai’i to Thailand and Australia. You will hear tales of how it used to sound in the countryside before the roads were built. Look at the steps of the Leaning Tower of Pisa—they’re almost melted because so many people have walked to the top.

Cutting Back on Overtourism

A famous beach in Thailand was shut down three years ago to prevent the erosion of the soil, trash buildup, harm to marine life, etc. When you want to cut back on overtourism, remember that you should choose locations that are not ultra busy. Plus, you don’t want to take standard tours that trounce over sacred land. Consider working with a local tour guide who can take you to the nicest places safely, helping you prevent further damage to the land. You don’t want to force the closure of more beautiful locations.

Even if you aren’t traveling, remember that recycled and reusable bags will biodegrade, doing their part to prevent trash buildup in popular tourist destinations.

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