Give Customers Everything They Need for the Passover Seder

As your customers prepare for the Passover Seder, you want to help them with this significant and meaningful holiday. Using custom grocery bags to sell food is a good way to bring in customers, offer them more options, and speak a brand new customer base. You can easily carry items for the season and sell them in custom promotional bags. Take a look at how this works in your shop leading up to the holiday.

At Custom Grocery Bags, we make sure that everyone can celebrate every holiday with flair and gusto, while offer the finest custom bags.

What is The Seder?

If you didn’t know, the Passover Seder marks the liberation of the Nation of Israel from the Pharaoh. Some communities celebrate more than one Seder. You may want to market this holiday to your customers throughout the region. Plus, this is a good holiday for others to celebrate with their Jewish brethren as it is supposed to be a community meal.

What Are You Providing?

If you want to offer products for the Seder or try to be a part of the holiday, remember that a traditional meal involves matza (unleavened bread,) wine or juice, and a few foods that hold great symbolism. Families or groups also recount the story, and you might carry books or published items on the holiday itself.

Decorate Your Bags

As mentioned, there are some symbolic foods that are a part of the meal. Aside from stocking them, your bags might feature lamb shankbones, roasted eggs, bitter herbs, and the charoset salad. Add karpas (green vegetables,) salt water, and another bitter herbs known as the chazeret. Matza bread and wine cups bring it together. Perhaps your bag shows the entire plate, or you might use images from Israel to speak to the holiday.

Contact us today if you need custom bags for the Passover Seder no matter how many you celebrate. At Custom Grocery Bags, we make preparing for the Seder more beautiful and inclusive.

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