Top Eco-Friendly Business Stories of 2021

The top environmental business stories of 2021 stretch from electric cars to forest conservation and beyond. Because so much changed in 2021, it helps to remember that your business can also make a difference. If you want to see these stories, you can read here.

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The Business of Forests and Electric Cars

As you are well aware, electric cars are storming the market with Tesla taking the top spot in many people’s mind. But, did you know that there are several electric vehicle startups that are IPOing and growing? Rivian and NIO alone have raised billions on the stock market this year. The companies that provide their batteries are seeing a massive surge in value and popularity.

On the other side, forest conservation is coming to the forefront as stories on lumber companies and “anti-conservation” come to light. First, lumber companies are planting “eco-friendly” trees in forests where they are not indigenous. This is killing local ecosystems, and something needs to be done.

Sustainable Healthcare Business Models

Healthcare is not very sustainable as a business, but some changes are coming to the forefront. Recovering medical gases is a big story. Reusable items in the medical field are becoming more popular and prevalent. Plus, healthcare facilities are looking to renewable energy. In many cases, their facilities are so big that they can afford to install solar panels, wind turbines, water reclamation tanks, and more.

You can even read more about the best environmental action books of 2021 here. Plus, studying how the world is changing is a good way to keep your business on the cutting edge and ahead of the curve.

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