Trash Arrives Before Humans Do

With the surge in green living, there has been a lot of discussion through the years surrounding the harmful effects of trash on the environment. Aesthetically, litter looks terrible as it blows around the landscape or floats in our waterways. Ecologically, the plastic material and the dyes used in it’s creation are both extremely harmful to the environment and marine life. But what about the trash you don’t see?

In a shocking new study, researchers have found human garbage in even the deepest depths of the ocean. The study was conducted by The European Union-funded Hotspot Ecosystem Research and Man’s Impact on European Seas (HERMIONE) project. The study found that there was garbage present even in areas that had not yet been explored by humans.

The study was conducted at 32 sites with almost 600 different video and trawl surveys of the sea floor off the coast of Europe. The survey lasted 10 years and included areas ranging in depth, between 115 feet and 2.8 miles, as well as areas over 1000 miles away from the nearest shore. Trash was found in all areas surveyed by the team of researchers.

The trash found included glass bottles, discarded fishing materials, plastic bags and more. Plastic garbage accounted for most of the trash found, amounting to 41 percent. The second highest amount of debris, 34 percent, was discarded and damaged fishing gear.

This garbage poses a threat for all marine life. Some animals can get entangled in it or mistake it for food and consume it. The trash damages growing coral reefs and upsets the underwater ecosystems. Yet, another concern for the marine ecosystems is the toxic chemicals released as the plastics break down over time.

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