Tree Planting for the Future

Tree planting is something that makes the future brighter. It’s all a part of joining the eco army and helping where you can. If you didn’t know you could join a project like this, read here to learn more. You can bring these ideas to your community, your home, or your business.

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Why Does Tree Planting Work?

Tree planting works because it brings greenery and forestry back to an environment that was once filled with it. This is especially important in the production of oxygen, the changing of ecosystems, and the management of water resources.

This is especially important in places like the Sahara Desert where it is expanding, but several African nations are banding together to build a tree wall to stop it. It works when everyone is in it together and rebuilding forests that are healthy for the community and the planet. Learn more here.

Tree Planting as a Business

Yes, your business should plant trees. Make your facility or grounds as green as possible. Plant a garden around your location. You can even move it to the roof if you need to.

If you can’t plant, you can easily change other aspects of your business. Cut out plastic and sell reusable bags. Add solar panels. Reclaim rainwater. There’s always something more you can do to make your business a little greener. Plus, you can look for events in the community that will help.

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