Using Reusable Bamboo Bags For Your Business

Offering custom grocery bags to your customers is a great marketing tool for your business. The bags are a terrific advertising method when imprinted with your company’s logo and message.  Custom-designed reusable bags show that your company is environmentally aware, and they provide your customers with something they can use over and over again.

Reusable grocery and tote bags are available in many different sizes, styles and shapes. Many people are aware that custom grocery bags come in a variety of different materials, including jute, cotton and recycled plastic. But have you heard of bamboo bags?

Bags made of bamboo are extremely resilient and long-lasting, providing patrons with high quality and excellent design. Bamboo bags can be manufactured to a thickness of 100 GSM resulting in a durable, strong bag. Reusable bamboo bags can be washed time after time and still retain their strength, color, and graphic design.

Bamboo is an important resource in the eco-friendly movement. It is a renewable, sustainable natural resource. Bamboo grows quickly and consumes carbon dioxide faster than other plants and trees. It uses less water to grow than other plants and it has no natural pests so it can be grown without using pesticides and herbicides, making it better for the environment than plants requiring pesticides. Since bamboo bags are completely made of natural, organic fibers, they are completely biodegradable.

Bamboo is unique among other fibers because it is naturally antimicrobial, resistant to bacterial and fungal growth. There are still ongoing debates as to whether bamboo retains this quality when stripped and woven into the fiber used in bags, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Custom Grocery Bags offers extensive color choices and customization options for reusable bamboo bags. To learn more about using bamboo bags, visit today.

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