Vegan Dog Food Takes the Market by Storm

As pet owners consider ways to keep their pets healthy and happy, vegan dog food has become a topic of conversation. Is vegan dog food good for your pets, and how does it help the environment. You can read more about it here, and you might consider how making small changes can impact your community.

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The Appeal of Vegan Dog Food

For many people, the appeal of vegan dog food is applying their eating habits to their pets. The pandemic has seen many more people getting pets. Many younger people are even treating their pets as children—because they often do not plan to have children. So, you have the need for vegan dog food as vegan living for humans can be quite healthy.

Does Vegan Dog Food Work?

The British Veterinary Association does not believe that vegan pet food can be helpful. Justine Shotton, President of the Association, recently was quoted as saying, “At the moment, there’s not a lot of evidence-based research for vegan pet food meeting the nutritional needs for dogs.” You can read more about her comments and vegan pet food here.

However, you should consider that many pet foods do have a fair amount of grain and vegetables. At the same time, your pet dogs and cats are carnivores. They have been eating meat for thousands of years, so you should be careful.

Environmental Factors

The environmental side of this says that consuming less meat is good for the planet, meaning you are doing something eco-friendly. Sadly, pets don’t understand that and you should consult with your veterinarian first. Plus, you can take other steps to reduce consumption like trying reusable products as much as possible.

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